So many different types of flying!

As you know there is more to flying professionally than airlines and corporate jets.

Here is a little list to get you thinking (sorted by alphabetical order) :

From taking shots for state surveys, to beautiful pictures of the new building the company wants to display proudly, or air to air photography, there is definitely magic in taking pictures from an aircraft!

Sometimes the fastest transportation is a required to help save a life – how about being there to conduct that flight safely and professionally?

Remember there are many type of airlines out there: regionals, majors, low cost, charters, etc...

The schedules and work conditions are as different as there are airlines.

At the beach, over the stadium during the big game, or during the summer festival, it is an art to pick up the banner, tow it so every one can see it, and drop it at the designated spot!

When you are the only link between a village and the rest of the world, bringing mail, food, supplies, and taking the kid to the doctor in the next town - amazing!

From the light night freight in piston engines to flying B747 all around the world, you will find a wide variety of cargo flying, and companies.

Many different companies offers a huge range of work conditions, aircraft types, and possible career evolutions.

Here again, every corporate job is different. The schedules and work conditions depend on the size of the flight department, the variety of the fleet, whether you fly for a company or an individual, etc...

One name for many different types of instructing: teach primary students at a local FBO, teach future CFIs, float planes, aerobatics, become a DPE, an aviation speaker / instructor, a master instructor, write books on instruction or flying, become the chief pilot at a major flight school or university, or even build your own flight school, etc...

At the crossroads between airlines and corporate, the fractional pilots usually enjoy set schedules, a high level of training and standardization, with the joy of flying brand new business jets to many different locations.

You like gliders? They will love you as you help them soar and gain the initial altitude they need.

A very wide range of different flying jobs, on different types of aircrafts, helicopters, etc...

Different branches, and different options: active duty, reserves or guard.

Interesting in studying the weather and help improve our current models? Or maybe even become a hurricane hunter?

From Florida to the Grand Canyon to the Golden Gate, there is no lack of breathtaking views you can help discover

You could become a test pilot for the military, NASA, the FAA, or help design the next generation of airliners, business jets or flight trainers. Or be a factory test pilot, making sure all the aircrafts coming off the line fly well, with every instrument working perfectly.

What's the traffic like this morning? Which highways are clear and which ones to avoid? The Traffic Pilot knows her way around, and makes real-time reports to radio or TV channels as she flies over the city.

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